M11 Industrial Operation and Maintenance – 008-036   Fan Hub, Belt Driven

Table of Contents

Maintenance Check

Maintenance Check


Measure the drive pulley flange end clearance at the correct maintenance interval in Section 2.

Remove the fan drive belt. Refer to Procedure 008-002 (Drive Belt, Cooling Fan) in Section A.

Inspect the fan hub for:

  • Freedom of rotation
  • Cracks
  • Grease seal leakage.


Measure the fan hub end clearance.

Fan Hub End Clearance
mm in
0.08 MIN 0.003
0.41 MAX 0.016

Replace or rebuild the fan hub if the end clearance is not within specifications. Refer to Procedure 008-036 (Fan Hub, Belt Driven) in Section A for removal of fan hub.

Last Modified:  06-Dec-2004