M11 Industrial Operation and Maintenance – 008-046   Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA) and Antifreeze Concentration

Maintenance Check


Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA)


Failing to maintain the required SCA concentration level can cause engine damage.

Check the SCA concentration level

  • At least twice a year
  • At every subsequent oil drain interval if the concentration is above 3 units
  • Whenever coolant is added to the cooling system between filter changes.

Use Fleetguard® coolant test kit, Part No. CC2602, to check the SCA concentration level. Instructions are included with the test kit. Use the Coolant Recommendations and Specifications in Maintenance Specifications (Section V) for the correct SCA and antifreeze level.




Overconcentration of antifreeze or use of high-silicate antifreeze can damage the engine.

Check the antifreeze concentration. Use a mixture of 50-percent water and 50-percent ethylene glycol or propylene glycol-based antifreeze to protect the engine to -32°C [-26°F] year-around.

The Fleetguard® refractometer, Part Number C2800, provides a reliable, easy-to-read, and accurate measurement of freezing point protection and glycol (antifreeze) concentration.

Antifreeze is essential in every climate.

Antifreeze broadens the operating temperature range by lowering the coolant freezing point and by raising its boiling point.

The corrosion inhibitors also protect the cooling system components from corrosion and prolong component life.

Last Modified:  03-Nov-2009