M11 Industrial Operation and Maintenance – 202-004   Problem Solving

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General Information

General Information


Normally, any problem that arises with the sale, service, or repair of your engine can be handled by a Cummins Authorized Repair Location in your area. Refer to the telephone directory, the directory in this section, or the Service Locator at www.cummins.com for the nearest Cummins Authorized Repair Location. If the problem has not been handled satisfactorily, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. If the disagreement is with a Dealer, talk to the Cummins Distributor with whom he has his service agreement.
  2. If the disagreement is with a Distributor, call the nearest Cummins Division or Regional Office; however, most problems are solved below the Division or Regional office level. Telephone numbers and addresses are listed in this section. Before calling, write down the following information:
    1. Engine model and serial number
    2. Type and make of equipment
    3. Total kilometers [miles] or hours of operation
    4. Warranty start date
    5. Nature of problem
    6. Summary of the current problem arranged in the order of occurrence
    7. Name and location of the Cummins Distributor or Dealer
  3. If a problem can not be resolved satisfactorily through your Cummins Authorized Repair Location or Division Office, contact:
    • Cummins Customer Assistance Center – 41403, Cummins Inc., Box 3005, Columbus, IN 47202-3005
    • Telephone: +1 800-diesels / +1 800-343-7357 (USA Only)
    • Telephone: +1 812-377-3000 (International)

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