M11 Industrial Operation and Maintenance – 205-004   Cummins Customized Parts Catalog

General Information


Cummins is pleased to announce the availability of a parts catalog compiled specifically for you. Unlike the generic versions of parts catalogs that support general high volume parts content; Cummins Customized catalogs contains only the new factory parts that were used to build your engine.

The catalog cover, as well as the content, is customized with you in mind. You can use it in your shop, at your worksite, or as a coffee table book in your RV or boat. The cover contains your name, company name, address, and telephone number. Your name and engine model identification even appears on the catalog spine. Everybody will know that Cummins created a catalog specifically for you.

This new catalog was designed to provide you with the exact information you need to order parts for your engine. This will be valuable for customers that do not have easy access to the Cummins Electronic Parts Catalog or the Cummins Parts Microfilm System.

Additional Features of the Customized Catalog include:

  • Engine Configuration Data
  • Table of Contents
  • Separate Option and Parts Indexes
  • Service Kits (when applicable)
  • ReCon Part Numbers (when applicable)

Ordering the Customized Parts Catalog


Ordering by Telephone

North American customers can contact their Cummins Distributor or call Gannett Direct Marketing Services at 1-800-646-5609 and order by credit card. Outside North America order on-line or make an International call to Gannett at (++)502-454-6660.

Ordering On-Line

The Customized Parts Catalog can be ordered On-Line from the Cummins Powerstore by credit card.

Contact GDMS or the CUMMINS POWERSTORE for the current price; Freight may be an additional expense.

Information we need to take your Customized Parts Catalog Order. This information drives the cover content of the CPC.

  • Customer Name
  • Street Address
  • Company Name (optional)
  • Telephone no.
  • Credit Card No.
  • Cummins Engine Serial Number (located on the engine data plate)
  • Please identify the required media: Printed Catalog, CD-ROM, or PDF File

Unfortunately not all Cummins Engines can be supported by this parts catalog. Engines older than 1984 or newer than 3 months may not have the necessary parts information to compile a catalog. We will contact you if this occurs and explain why we are unable to fill your order.

Customized Parts Catalogs are produced specifically for a single customer. This means they are not returnable for a refund. If we make an error and your catalog is not useable, we will correct that error by sending you a new catalog.

Last Modified:  22-Jul-2009