Electronic Control System ISM and QSM11 Engines – FAULT CODE 429

Water-In-Fuel (WIF) Sensor Circuit


Fault Code: 429
PID: P097
SPN: 97
FMI: 4/4
LAMP: Yellow

Low voltage detected at water-in-fuel (WIF) sensor circuit.

None on performance.

WIF Sensor Circuit

Circuit Description

The WIF sensor is attached to the fuel filter. The WIF sensor sends a signal to the electronic control module (ECM) when a set volume of water has accumulated in the fuel filter. The WIF circuit contains two wires: A return ground (pin 10) and a signal wire (pin 9).

Component Location

The WIF sensor is installed in the fuel filter and is located on the side of the head approximately midengine.

Shop Talk

The WIF sensor uses the same internal ECM power supply as sensors on engine harness. If Fault Code 352 is also active, use that troubleshooting logic and tree.

Refer to Troubleshooting Fault Code t05-429

Last Modified:  02-Sep-2010