ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – Engine Starts But Will Not Keep Running

Symptom Tree  t072

This is symptom tree t072
Cause Correction

Electronic fault codes active or high counts of inactive fault codes

View and troubleshoot the fault codes with INSITE™. Refer to the ISM INSITE™ software user manual, Bulletin 3666894. Refer to the corresponding fault code in Section TF the Troubleshooting and Repair Manual Electronic Control System ISM and QSM11 Engines, Bulletin 3666266 and the Troubleshooting and Repair Manual CM870 Electronic Control System ISM Engines, Bulletin 4021381.


Idle shutdown or PTO shutdown features are activated

Turn OFF the keyswitch for 5 seconds. Turn ON the keyswitch and check fault lamp operation.


Fuel level is low in the tank

Fill the supply tank. Refer to the OEM service manual.


Battery voltage is low

Check the batteries and the unswitched battery supply circuit. Refer to Procedure 013-007.


Keyswitch circuit is malfunctioning

Check the vehicle, equipment, or vessel keyswitch circuit. Refer to Procedure 013-019.


Vehicle parasitics are excessive

Check for transmission malfunctioning, cooling fan operation cycle time, and engine-driven units. Refer to the OEM Service manual..


Air in the fuel system

Check for air in the fuel system. Refer to Procedure 006-003.


Gear pump is malfunctioning

Check the gear pump output pressure. Replace the gear pump if necessary. Refer to Procedure 005-060.


Fuel grade is not correct for the application or the fuel quality is poor

Operate the engine from a tank of high-quality fuel. Refer to Fuels for Cummins Engines, Bulletin 3379001.


Engine brake adjustment is not correct

Adjust the engine brakes. Refer to Procedure 020-024.


Static injection timing is not correct

Check the static injection timing. Refer to Procedure 006-025.

Last Modified:  19-Dec-2003