CM870 and ISX Engines – FAULT CODE 2271

EGR Valve Position Sensor Circuit


Fault Code: 2271
PID: P27
SPN: 27
FMI: 3/3
LAMP: Amber

EGR Valve Position Sensor Circuit – Shorted High. High signal voltage detected at EGR valve position sensor circuit.

Possible low power. Power will be removed from EGR valve motor.

EGR Valve Position Sensor Circuit

Circuit Description

The EGR valve position sensor outputs a voltage signal to the ECM. The ECM converts this signal into a percentage value from 0 to 100 indicating valve position. A fully open valve is equivalent to 100 percent. The engine harness is connected to the EGR valve by an EGR valve extension harness. This extension harness contains five wires, three for the EGR valve position sensor and two for the EGR valve motor.

Component Location

The EGR valve position sensor is located on the EGR valve assembly. Refer to Procedure 100-002 (Engine Diagrams) in Section E for a detailed component location view of each sensor.

Shop Talk

The EGR valve position sensor shares supply and return wires in the engine harness with other sensors. Opens and shorts in the engine harness may cause multiple fault codes to be active.

Possible causes of this fault code include:

  • Open return circuit in the harness, connectors, or sensor
  • Signal circuit shorted to sensor supply or battery voltage
  • Failed EGR valve position sensor
  • Damaged ECM.

Refer to Troubleshooting Fault Code t05-2271

Last Modified:  02-Sep-2010