Mechanical Gas Fuel System G5.9, G8.3 – 005-044   Fuel Shutoff Valve (FSOV), NG

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Initial Check

Initial Check



To reduce the possibility of personal injury or property damage, do not operate a gas engine without a fuel shutoff valve.

The fuel shutoff valve must be installed with the flow directional arrow in the direction of gas flow. Failure to do so will not allow the valve to operated correctly and will fail to shut down the engine.

To be certain of a positive fuel shutoff, do not mount the fuel shut off valve between the engine mounted secondary regulator and the air/fuel mixer.

A fuel shutoff valve must be mounted between the primary pressure regulator and the fuel filter to assure a positive fuel shut off. The valve can be a manually, electrically or pneumatically actuated device depending on the engine model and configuration.

When the engine is operating, the valve must allow gas to flow to the secondary (engine mounted) regulator.

Check the inlet pressure to the secondary regulator to validate the correct operation of the fuel shutoff valve. Refer to Procedure 005-042.

Last Modified:  28-Apr-2004