CM850 Electronic Control System – FAULT CODE 585

Starter Relay Circuit – Voltage Below Normal or Shorted to Low Source


Fault Code: 585
PID: S39
SPN: 677
FMI: 4/4
LAMP: Amber

Starter Relay Circuit – Voltage Below Normal or Shorted to Low Source. Low voltage detected at starter lockout circuit.

The engine will not have starter lockout protection.

Starter Relay Circuit

Circuit Description

The starter lockout relay is controlled by the electronic control module (ECM) through the starter lockout relay signal circuit. The relay prevents the starter from being engaged when the engine is running. The relay return circuit is dependent on OEM wiring. It may be wired back to the ECM on some vehicles or wired to chassis or block ground on others. Consult the OEM wiring diagram for return circuit details.

Component Location

The starter lockout relay is installed by the vehicle OEM. Refer to OEM service manual for exact location.

Shop Talk

The ECM monitors the voltage level on this circuit. If it detects a low voltage when the signal is commanded on, it records this fault code. This fault code can be caused by a short circuit to ground in the starter lockout relay, OEM harness, or connectors.

Refer to Troubleshooting Fault Code t05-585

Last Modified:  08-Jul-2010