ISC, ISCe, QSC8.3, ISL, ISLe3, ISLe4 and QSL9 Engines – 018-018   Cooling System



All Applications Except Marine

Coolant Capacity (engine only) 11.1 liters [11.7 qt]
Standard Modulating Thermostat Range 82 to 93°C [180 to 200°F]
Recommended Pressure Cap 103 kPa [15 psi]
Minimum Fill Rate (without low-level alarm) 19 liters/min [5 gpm]
Maximum Deaeration Time 25 minutes
Maximum Top Tank Coolant Temperature With CAPS Fuel System 100°C [212°F]
Maximum Top Tank Coolant Temperature With Cummins Common Rail Fuel System 107°C [225°F]

Winterfronts – Automotive Only

Air Passage Area 774 cm2 [120 in2]

Marine Applications

Coolant Capacity

Engine Only 25 liter [6.5 gal]
Engine Including Heat Exchanger and Integral 29 liter [7.75 gal]
Minimum Coolant Makeup Capacity 1.4 liter [0.38 gal]
Maximum Pressure Drop Across Any External Cooling System Circuit 34 kPa [5 psi]
Maximum Allowable Block Coolant System Pressure 483 kPa [70 psi]
Maximum Coolant Head From Crankshaft Centerline With 15 psi Pressure Cap 34 m [112 ft]
Maximum Coolant Temperature at Engine Outlet 96°C [205°F]
Minimum Allowable Coolant Expansion Space 6 percent system capacity
Maximum Sea Water Pressure 103 kPa [15 psi]
Maximum Sea Water Pressure Drop Across Heat Exchanger 34 kPa [5 psi]
Maximum Sea Water Inlet Restriction -17 kPa [-5 in Hg]

Last Modified:  13-Aug-2009