CM2150 Electronic Control System – 019-445   Crankcase Pressure Sensor

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General Information


The crankcase pressure sensor is used to monitor the pressure in the crankcase.

The crankcase pressure sensor is located near the crankcase ventilation filter. Refer to Procedure
100-002 for a detailed component location view.

Depending on the breather system used, the crankcase pressure sensor will be located:

  1. On top of the rocker lever cover
  2. At the rear of the engine, on the external crankcase ventilation filter housing that mounts to the flywheel housing.



Clean the area around the crankcase pressure sensor.

Disconnect the pressure sensor connector from the engine harness.

Remove the mounting capscrew.

Remove the sensor from the engine by pulling straight up on the sensor. Be careful
not to damage the o-ring seal when removing the sensor.


Inspect for Reuse


Inspect the engine harness connector and the crankcase pressure sensor for the following:

  • cracked or broken connector shell
  • missing or damaged connector seals
  • dirt, debris, or moisture in or on the connector pins
  • corroded, bent, broken, pushed back, or expanded pins.


Inspect the crankcase pressure sensor for the following:

  • swollen o-ring
  • nicks or cuts in or on the o-ring.




Lubricate the o-ring with clean engine oil before installation.

Install the crankcase pressure sensor by pressing firmly on the top of the sensor until the o-ring is fully seated.

Install and tighten the mounting capscrew.

Torque Value:  2.3  n.m  [20 in-lb]

Connect the engine harness to the crankcase pressure sensor.

Start the engine and check for leaks.


Shut off the engine.

Connect INSITE™ electronic service tool.

Operate the engine and check for fault codes.

Last Modified:  23-Mar-2007