CM2150 Electronic Control System – 019-212   Ford™ Connector Series

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Connector Replacement

Connector Replacement


Measure 152 mm [6 in] back from the face of the connector, and using the braid removal tool, Part Number 3822932, remove the wiring harness protective cover.


Before cutting the wires, measure and tag the three wires.

Cut wire A 117 mm [4-½ in] from the face of the connector.

Cut wire B 104 mm [4 in] from the face of the connector.

Cut wire C 91 mm [3-½ in] from the face of the connector.


Remove 6 mm [¼ in] of insulation from all three wires using wire crimp tool, Part Number 3822930.

Before installing the new connector, perform a test fit to make sure the connector is keyed correctly.

Refer to the appropriate wiring repair kit in the service tools table in the front of Section 19 for the correct repair connector.

Refer to the wiring diagram in Section E for pin locations.

Replace one contact wire at a time. If more than one wire needs replaced, attach a lettered tag to each wire removed.


Install the terminal repair wires onto the bare wires and use wire crimping tool, Part Number 3822930, to crimp them together.

Use heat gun, Part Number 3823860, or an open flame to heat the shrink tubing. The tubing will shrink and make the connection waterproof.


Wrap the wires with tape, for added protection, to complete the repair.

Last Modified:  09-Oct-2003