Cummins N14 STC, Celect, Celect Plus – Service Manual 020-999   Vehicle Braking – Overview

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General Information

General Information


For the installation and adjustment of the Jacobs® Engine Brake, Models 440 (STC engines) and 445 (CELECT™ engines), reference the installation and parts manuals. The installation manual and the parts manual can be purchased from a Jacobs® Engine Brake dealer or refer to the manufacturer at the following address:

The Jacobs® Manufacturing Company

Vehicle Equipment Division

22 East Dudley Town Road

Bloomfield, CT 06002


Telephone: (203) 243-1441

For installation, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of the Cummins® C Brake, reference the following publications:

  • C-14C Model C Brake Troubleshooting and Repair Manual, Bulletin 3810473
  • C-14C Model C Brake Installation Manual, Bulletin 3810484
  • C-14 Engine Brake Operation and Maintenance Manual, Bulletin 3810256.

A compression brake is a device that uses the energy of the engine compression to provide vehicle retardation. Cummins® C Brakes provide the maximum retarding power at governed engine speeds; therefore, gear selection is important.

Last Modified:  27-Sep-2011