Diesel Engine Troubleshooting

Fuel Injector

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The injector injects the pressurized fuel in the rail into the engine combustion chamber at the optimal injection timing, injection quantity, injection rate, and injection pattern, in accordance with signals from the ECU.
Injection is controlled using a TWV (Two-Way Valve) and orifice. The TWV controls the pressure in the control chamber to control the start and end of injection. The orifice controls the injection rate by restraining the speed at which the nozzle opens.
The command piston opens and closes the valve by transmitting the control chamber pressure to the nozzle needle.
When the nozzle needle valve is open, the nozzle atomizes the fuel and injects it.
There are three types of injectors: the X1, X2, and G2.

pic1 71 Fuel Injector

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