Injector Construction and Features

The injector consists of a nozzle similar to the conventional “nozzle & nozzle holder”, an orifice that controls the injection rate, the command piston, and a TWV (two-way solenoid valve). The basic construction is the same for the X1, X2, and G2 types.

(1) X1 Type
• Precision control is attained through electronic control of the injection. The TWV comprises two valves: the inner valve (fixed) and the outer valve (movable).

(2) X2 Type
• By reducing the injector actuation load, the injector has been made more compact and energy efficient, and its injection precision has been improved. The TWV directly opens and closes the outlet orifice.

(3) G2 Type
• To ensure high pressure, the G2 type has improved pressure strength, sealing performance and pressure wear resistance. It also has improved high-speed operability, enabling higher-precision injection control and multi-injection.

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