Diesel Engine Troubleshooting

Other Injector Component Parts

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(1) Hollow Screw with Damper
• The hollow screw with damper enhances injection quantity accuracy, by reducing the back-pressure pulsations (pressure fluctuations) of the leak fuel. In addition, it minimizes the back-pressure dependence (the effect of the pressure in the leak pipe changing the injection quantity even though the injection command is the same) of the fuel in the leak pipe.

pic1 77 Other Injector Component Parts

(2) Connector with Correction Resistor
• The connector with correction resistor has a built-in correction resistor in the connector section to minimize injection quantity variation among the cylinders.

pic1 78 Other Injector Component Parts

(3) Injector with QR Codes
• QR (Quick Response) codes have been adopted to enhance correction precision. The QR code, which contains the correction data of the injector, is written to the engine ECU. QR codes have resulted in a substantial increase in the number of fuel injection quantity correction points, greatly improving injection quantity precision.

pic1 79 Other Injector Component Parts

Handling Injectors with QR Codes (Reference)
– Injectors with QR codes have the engine ECU recognize and correct the injectors, so when an injector or the engine ECU is replaced, it is necessary to register the injector’s ID code in the engine ECU.

Replacing the Injector
– It is necessary to register the ID code of the injector that has been replaced in the engine ECU.

pic1 80 Other Injector Component Parts

Replacing the Engine ECU
– It is necessary to register the ID codes of all the vehicle injectors in the engine ECU.

pic1 81 Other Injector Component Parts

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