1999 GM 6.5L V8 – Camshaft Bearing Removal

Tools Required
J 33049 Universal Camshaft Bearing Remover and Installer Set

1. Remove the rear camshaft plug.

Important: Cam bearings are numbered one through five, from front to rear. The number one cam bearing being the largest and the number five cam bearing being the smallest. In order to allow the tool to remain centered, it is recommended that the number five (Rear) cam bearing be removed with the tool installed through the front of the block and the number one bearing (Front) be removed with the tool installed from the rear. This will allow the guide cone of the tool surface to center it self on the block.

2. Insert the driving bar of the J 33049 with the correct expanding driver into the camshaft bearing (collet 4 for camshaft bearings one through four, and collet 3 for camshaft bearing five).

3. Turn the J 33049 until the collet has tightened in the bearing.

4. Push the guide cone against the block and into the first bearing bore in order to center the tool.

5. Drive the bearing from the block.

6. Repeat this procedure in order to remove the remaining camshaft bearings.


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