1999 GM 6.5L V8 – Valve Rocker Arm, Shaft, and Push Rod Installation

Important: Ensure that the ball ends of the valve pushrods seat in the valve rocker arms.

Notice : Install the valve pushrods with the copper-colored, painted, or marked end up in order to avoid damage or premature wear.

1. Install the valve pushrods with the copper-colored, painted or marked end upwards.

2. Install the valve rocker arm shaft assembly.
Notice : Improper installation of the valve rocker arm shaft bolts may cause valve rocker arm shaft breakage and piston to valve contact.

Notice : Refer to Fastener Notice in Cautions and Notices.

3. Install the bolts.
3.1. Rotate the crankshaft, until the mark on the crankshaft balancer is at the 2 o’clock position.
3.2. Rotate the crankshaft counterclockwise 88 mm (3 1/2 in), aligning the crankshaft balancer mark with the first lower water pump bolt, at approximately the 12:30 position.
3.3. This procedure will position the engine so that no valves are close to a piston crown.
3.4. Finger-tighten the bolts.
Alternately tighten the bolts to 55 N-m (40 Ib ft).

4. Rotate the crankshaft in order to make sure that there is free-movement of the valve train.


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