GM 6.5L V8 – Crankshaft Seals

The front cover has a single-piece lip-type seal that rides on the torsional damper at the front of the crankshaft (see Figure 3-12, view A). The cylinder case and crankshaft #5 main bearing cap together form a mounting surface for the rear crankshaft seal (see Figure 3-12, view B). Like the crankshaft front seal, the rear seal is of a single­ piece lip-type design.

During the service replacement procedure, the crankshaft front seal may be removed by using a slide hammer and hook-type adapter. The crankshaft rear seal may be removed by careful prying.

The front seal requires a special driving tool for its installation (see Figure 3-13, view A). The rear seal has a special pushing tool to be used during its installation that repositions the seal for a different contact with the crankshaft flange (see Figure 3-13, view B).

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