GM 6.5L V8 EFI – Air Induction/Exhaust Systems – TURBOCHARGER ASSEMBLY

The 6.5L EFI diesel turbocharger provides a variety of benefits. It increases engine response time and power, while also reducing exhaust emissions.

When the pressure of exhaust gases entering the turbo­ charger exceeds specified levels, these gases are by­ passed directly to the exhaust pipe. The turbocharger uses a solenoid-controlled wastegate valve (figure 3-2) to accomplish this. The valve acts like a turbine wheel speed governor to limit the maximum amount of turbo boost pressure to between 2 and 8 psi.

As part of PCM engine management on the 6.5L EFI diesel engine, the wastegate valve is controlled by a solenoid.
The solenoid is located on a bracket at the rear of the left head.

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