GM 6.5L V8 – Electrical Systems – Block Heater System

The engine block heater mounts in the middle coolant passage bore of the left side of the cylinder case (see Figure 8-2, view A). It uses an expandable yoke mechanism that secures it to the cylinder case when a center screw is tightened (see Figure 8-2, views B and C).
The block heater seals the coolant passage with an O-ring seal mounted in a groove in its outer diameter. During installation, the O-ring seal is lubricated with petroleum jelly.

The block heater has a 600-watt heating element, using 5 amperes of electricity at 120 VAC. A three-conductor cord connected to the block heater is routed along the left framerail to the front of the engine compartment, where the remaining length is coiled with a plastic strap (see Figure 8-3). Refer to the block heater usage chart on page 1-15 for details about preparing for cold weather starting. Since house current is required, care should be used in the selection of an extension cord for this purpose.


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