GM 6.5L V8 – Electrical Systems – Cranking/Charging Systems Batteries – Charging System

The charging system has the the following parts (refer to Figures 8-10 and 8-11):
• The ignition switch and wiring
• A generator assembly, with these major parts:
– A rotor (field winding)
– A stator
– A rectifier bridge
– A regulator
• An indicator lamp
• Generator output connection to the electrical system

Operation of the charging system is similar to that of gasoline-powered engines, using a 12-volt circuit. The regulator connects to an instrument cluster-mounted GEN warning lamp, using one wire from terminal L. Vehicles with a tachometer have a wiring connection to regulator terminal P.

The generator output terminal connects to the battery and vehicle electrical system, using a wire and fusible link at the junction block.

The generator is specific to diesel engine use, due to its mounting configuration. Two versions of the generator are used, depending on non-A/C (85-ampere output) or A/C (100-ampere output) applications.


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