GM 6.5L V8 – Fuel System – Injection Pump Service

Since several calibration adjustments are disturbed during disassembly, most injection pump repairs are made by an authorized Stanadyne diesel injection repair service. Repairs to the injection pump that can be made by a dealership technician include replacement procedures for the following parts:
• Governor cover seal (in-vehicle)
• Fuel shut-off solenoid (in-vehicle)
• HPCA solenoid (in-vehicle)
• Timing window cover gasket (out-of-vehicle)

Replacement of the seal and two solenoids involves removal of the governor cover, as Figure 7-51 shows.

Installation of the governor cover requires the use of a special tool to align the fuel shut-off solenoid with the governor linkage (refer to Figure 7-52). Incorrect installation of the governor cover may cause damage to the engine by forcing the metering valve into an over-fueling position.


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