Uniflow Scavenge Single Piston Diesel Engines

In engines of this type admission of air to the cylinder is usually effected by piston controlled ports while the products of combustion are exhausted through a camshaft operated exhaust valve. Such systems are preferable from the standpoint of scavenging in that the ‘uniflow’ motion of the air from the inlet ports upwards through the cylinder tends to lead to physical displacement of, rather than mixing with, the products of combustion thus giving improved charge purity at the end of the scavenging process. At the same time it is now possible to adopt asymmetrical timing of the exhaust and inlet processes relative to bottom dead centre (BDC) so that, with exhaust closure preceding inlet closure the danger of escape of fresh charge into the exhaust manifold present in the loop scavenge system is completely eliminated. This system has been adopted in a number of stationary and marine two-stroke engines.

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