2013 PACCAR MX-13 – P0016 Camshaft speed signal – Not corresponding with engine position

Fault code description
Camshaft speed signal – Not corresponding with engine position

Fault code information
1 trip MIL
3 drive cycle recovery
Readiness group – None
Freeze frame type – Fuel

Description of component(s)

Effect on the system

Cylinder detection

Synchronization during starting (together with crankshaft signal)

Monitors correct alignment between the crankshaft and the camshaft

Back up for the crankshaft signal (F552)

Location of component(s)

Diagnostic condition
This diagnostic runs during starting.

Set condition of fault code
The PCI ECU (D420) detects that the camshaft sensor (F558) signal does not correspond to the crankshaft sensor (F552) signal (engine position) after some engine revolutions.

Reset condition of fault code
This DTC changes to inactive when the fault is no longer detected.

Electrical diagram(s)

Technical data
Component and wiring checks, camshaft sensor (F558)
Component check, camshaft sensor (F558)

Key off the ignition
Disconnect connector F558
Measure on component connector F558

Possible causes

Air gap too large between the crankshaft sensor (F552) and the flywheel

Air gap too large between the camshaft sensor (F558) and the pulse wheel

Faulty or soiled crankshaft sensor (F552) and/or camshaft sensor (F558)

Damaged flywheel and/or pulse wheel

Incorrect timing gear setting (applicable after a repair)

Additional information
Crankshaft sensor is used as backup to start the engine.
Engine torque is reduced when this DTC is active.

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