2013 PACCAR MX-13 – P0088 Fuel Pressure – Data valid but too high

Fault code information

1 trip MIL
3 drive cycle recovery
Readiness group – None
Freeze frame type – Fuel

Description of component(s)

The low-pressure fuel pressure is measured at the end of the low-pressure fuel supply gallery.
Effect on the system:
* Limitation of the engine torque when the fuel pressure is too low.

Location of component(s)

Diagnostic condition

This diagnostic runs when the engine is running for more than 200 seconds.

Set condition of fault code

The PCI ECU (D420) detects that the fuel pressure is 14 bar [203 psi] or more for more than 10 seconds.

Reset condition of fault code

This DTC changes to inactive when the fault is no longer detected. To validate the repair, key off the ignition for at least 15 seconds, key on again. Then start the engine and operate it at several engine speeds of the engine speed range for more than 10 seconds.

Electrical diagram(s)

Technical data

Possible causes

* Restriction in the fuel to tank returns circuit or faulty fuel pressure regulating valve.
* Check the fuel pressure according to the prescribed job.

Additional information

The low-pressure fuel pressure is measured by the fuel pressure sensor (F801).

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