2013 PACCAR MX-13 – P040C EGR temperature – Voltage too low or short circuit to ground on ECU D420 pin C9

Fault code information

2 trip MIL
3 drive cycle recovery
Readiness group – None
Freeze frame type – Generic

Description of component(s)

The EGR gas flow temperature is measured after the EGR cooler.
Effect on the system:
* Corrects EGR gas flow calculation (the temperature is an indication of the gas density)
* Closes the EGR valve when the EGR temperature is too high
* Monitors EGR cooler performance

Location of component(s)

Diagnostic condition

When Sensor output voltage is too low.

Set condition of fault code

The PCI detects sensor output voltage is too low (below 0.05 V).

Reset condition of fault code

This fault code will change to inactive immediately after the diagnostic runs and passes.

Electrical diagram(s)

Technical data

Possible causes

1. Faulty wiring
2. Faulty connector
3. Faulty sensor

Additional information

No additional information available

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