Paccar MX-13 – Checking and adjusting valve clearance

1. Use the special tool (1903018) to turn the crankshaft counterclockwise as seen from the distribution side.
This corresponds to the direction of rotation of the engine.

2. Crank the engine until the vibration damper is on cylinder mark 1/6.
The position of the pistons can also be read on the flywheel.

3. Check which cylinder has all valves closed, corresponding to the information on the cylinder mark. The valve clearance of this cylinder can be checked and adjusted.

4. Press down on the adjusting screw side of the rocker arm so that any oil present between the push rod and rocker arm is ejected, then measure the valve clearance.

– A valve clearance of more than 1 mm [0.04 in] indicates mechanical damage or wear in the valve train, especially when this is measured on one cylinder only.
– Make sure to check all the valve train parts of that specific cylinder before adjusting the valve clearance to the specified value.

5. Adjust the valve clearance by loosening the lock nut and turning the adjusting screw in the correct direction.

6. By cranking the crankshaft 1/3 stroke each time, using the special tool (1903018), the valves can be adjusted according to the injection sequence 1-5-3-6-2-4.


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