Paccar MX-13 – Installing common rail pump unit

1. Remove the packaging from the pump units.
– If the pump units are reused, the O-rings must be replaced.
– Install the O-rings in the order as shown.

2. Remove the cover from the common rail pump unit opening in the engine block.

3. Apply a small amount of clean engine oil to the O-rings, and check that the bore in the engine block is well oiled.

4. Install the pump unit.

5. Install the attachment bolts (1 and 2).
– Always use new attachment bolts.
– The pump units are mounted under pretension.

6. Tighten the attachment bolts (1 and 2) alternately, in several steps, until the pump unit abuts the engine block.

7. Tighten the attachment bolts (1 and 2) to the specified torque.


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