Paccar MX-13 – Installing turbocharger with VTG

Before installing the turbocharger, check the following:
– The turbocharger shaft must rotate freely.
– The turbocharger shaft must have some radial clearance.
– The turbocharger shaft must not drag.

When rotating the compressor wheel counterclockwise some resistance is noticeable due to the construction of the axial bearing.

1. Pour some clean engine oil in the oil supply opening and rotate the shaft.
Most of the oil comes out when installing the turbocharger.

2. Clean the contact surfaces, and fit a new gasket.

3. Install the turbocharger and first hand-tighten the attachment bolts 2 and 3 to ensure proper orientation.
Use a suitable hoisting tool to lift the turbocharger.

4. Install the attachment bolts 1 and 4.

5. Tighten the attachment bolts to the specified torque using the correct tightening sequence.





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