Paccar MX-13 – Removing Camshaft Bearing 7

1. Use a suitable support and rotate the engine.
Rotate the engine to gain access to the camshaft cavity.

2. Fit the adapter (A) to the front of the cylinder block.
Tighten the attachment bolts to 30 Nm [22 lb-ft].

3. Fit the guide adapter (C) to the rear of the cylinder block.
– Align it in position using the large guide/press ring (H).
– Tighten the attachment bolts to 30 Nm [22 lb-ft].

4. Position the spindle (B) in the adapter (A) through the cylinder block and stop before cylinder (6).
Lubricate the spindle (B).

5. Position the small guide/press ring (D) in the 6th camshaft bearing and push the spindle (B) through.
Installing the guide/press ring (D) is necessary to provide additional guidance to the spindle (B).

6. Push the spindle (B) further through the 7th camshaft bearing through the guide adapter (C).

7. Position the large guide/press ring (H) over the spindle (B) in the 7th camshaft bearing.

8. Position the two shim rings (E) against the large guide/press ring (H).

9. Fit the locking ring (F) onto the spindle (B).

10. Turn the nut (G) onto the spindle (B).

11. Fit the hydraulic puller (I) to the adapter (A) as shown.
Turn the puller a quarter of a turn to secure.

12. Use the hydraulic press (J) to carefully press the 7th camshaft bearing out of the cylinder block.

13. Depressurize the hydraulic press (J) and remove the hydraulic puller (I) from the adapter (A) by turning it a quarter of a turn.

14. Carefully pull out the spindle (B) and remove the 7th camshaft bearing.

15. Remove the small guide/press ring (D) and the large guide/press ring (H).



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