Paccar MX-13 – Torque multiplier

– A torque multiplier is a tool that increases the torque. It has both a gear ratio and a torque ratio.

– Make sure to use the torque ratio to calculate the input torque value.

– For example:
If a torque multiplier has a torque ratio of 1:3.5, to tighten a bolt with 70 Nm [620 lb-in], adjust the torque wrench (2) to 20 Nm [177 lb-in] (70/3.5=20 [619.6/3.5=177]).

Option: tightening the cylinder head bolts using special tool (0882233)

1. Fit the bracket (4) to the cylinder head at the flywheel side. Use attachment bolts (5) to secure the bracket (4).

2. Mount the impact socket (1) of special tool (0911724) to the torque multiplier (3), and fit the assembly onto the cylinder head bolt.

3. Place the torque wrench (2) on the torque multiplier (3).

4. Tighten the cylinder head bolts to the specified torque and in the specified sequence.
– Lubricate the valve stem seals well with clean engine oil.

– Reuse attachment bolts only, when a new nut can be screwed by hand, over the complete clean bolt thread.


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