C15 – 0084-08 Vehicle Speed signal out of range (36)

Conditions Which Generate This Code:

The ECM detects the following conditions:
• The vehicle speed signal indicates that vehicle speed is greater than 127.5 MPH for more than
two seconds.
• The “VSL Protection” parameter is programmed to a value that is less than 2120 rpm.

System Response:
Vehicle speed is set to 0 km/h (0 mph). If the ECM is providing the speedometer signal, the
speedometer will not display vehicle speed. “DIAG” will be displayed next to the status for “Vehicle
Speed” on the electronic service tool.

Possible Performance Effect:
The ECM will limit the engine speed to the programmed “VSL Protection”.

Perform the following diagnostic procedure: “Vehicle Speed and Speedometer Circuit – Test”

• OK – STOP.

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