C15 – 0084-14 Quick Stop Occurrence

Conditions Which Generate This Code:

The ECM detects the following conditions:

• The vehicle speed slows at a rate that exceeds the “Quick Stop Rate” that is programmed.
• The service brake is applied.

System Response:
The ECM records the engine speed, vehicle speed, the throttle position, cruise control status, clutch
switch status and brake switch status.
Customer passwords are required to clear this diagnostic code.

Possible Performance Effect:

This diagnostic code does not represent an electronic system fault.

An excessive number of occurrences may be caused by the following circumstance:
• The parameter for the “Quick Stop Rate” may be set too low.

Note: This setting can be affected by the load on the vehicle. If the vehicle is operated without a
trailer or with no load, the vehicle will stop faster than the same vehicle with a heavy load.

Expected Result:

• OK – STOP.

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