Cummins Service Products Catalog – Tool 3375793Fuel Pump Test Stand Update Kit


Engine Family: K38, K50

These kits are released to update older model fuel pump test stands that do not have the proper hose size to test K38 and K50 series engines. These engines require more fuel flow that the lower horsepower engines. These hose kits provided the recommended hose size so that there is no restriction affecting the performance of the fuel calibration procedure.

NOTE: If Number 16 Suction hose is to be left on the test stand, order 3375807 Adapter that is a reducer from No. 16 to No. 12 SAE fitting.

Part No. Description
3375793 Update Kit (for ST 848)
3375794  Fuel Pump Test Stand Update Kit(for 3375698, 699, 700, & 701)
The following parts are common to both kits.
3375806  Hose Adapter 
3375809  Filter Adapter 
3375833  Tube Assembly (½ tube fuel pump outlet)
Last Modified:  31-Jul-2003