Cummins Service Products Catalog – Tool 3823680Water Hole Repair Inserts/Tooling


Engine Family: K, NH, N14

NH Water Hole Repair Kit
K Series Coolant Passage Repair Kit
NH, N14 Coolant Hole Insert Fixture Kit
K Series Coolant Hole Insert Fixture Kit
K Series Water Hole Surface Repair Kit
3823680 Insert (NH/NT Small Cam ¾” (Qty 15)) X   X    
3823681  Insert (NH/NT Big Cam 7/8” (Qty 15)) X   X    
3824048  Insert (K19, K38, K50 (Qty 12))   X   X  
3824071  Insert (K19, K38, K50 BRASS (Qty 12))         X

NOTE: Use Retaining Compound PN 3823682. 3824071 is Brass non threaded with Flange.

Water hole repair inserts are used to repair the upper deck of NH/NT series engines in the area of the coolant passages. These inserts are threaded on the outside diameter and smooth bore on the inside diameter. These inserts are made from stainless steel to resist corrosion and assure longer life.

Last Modified:  28-Mar-2007