M11 Industrial Operation and Maintenance – 018-024   Cummins/Fleetguard® Filter Specifications

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Fleetguard® is a subsidiary of Cummins Inc. Fleetguard® filters are developed through joint testing at Cummins Inc. and Fleetguard®. Fleetguard® filters are standard on new Cummins Inc. engines. Cummins Inc. recommends their use.

Fleetguard® products met all Cummins Inc. Source Approval Test standards to provide the quality filtration necessary to achieve the engine’s design life. If other brands are substituted, the purchaser must insist on products that the supplier has tested to meet Cummins Inc. high-quality standards.

Cummins Inc. can not be responsible for problems caused by non-genuine filters that do not meet Cummins Inc. performance or durability requirements.

Filter Types
Lubricating Oil Filter
Combo, Fleetguard® Part Number LF3000(1)
Full Flow, Fleetguard® Part Number LF670
Bypass, Fleetguard® Part Number LF777
Fuel Filter
Cummins Part Number 3315843
Fleetguard® Part Number FS 1212
Coolant Filter(2)
Cummins Part Number 3318157
Fleetguard® Part Number WF2070
Cummins Part Number 3315116
Fleetguard® Part Number WF2071
Cummins Part Number 3318201
Fleetguard® Part Number WF2072
Cummins Part Number 3315115
Fleetguard® Part Number WF2073
Cummins Part Number 3316053
Fleetguard® Part Number WF2074
Cummins Part Number 3318318
Fleetguard® Part Number WF2075
Cummins Part Number 3318319
Fleetguard® Part Number WF2076
Air Compressor Air Cleaner Element
Cummins Part Number 256837
Fleetguard® Part Number AF251
(1)Centinel™ equipped automotive applications must use Fleetguard® filter LF9031, Cummins Part Number 4906633. Non-automotive Centinel™ equipped applications can use Fleetguard® filter LF9001, Cummins Part Number 3406809.
(2)Use the correct Fleetguard® coolant filter to maintain the recommended SCA concentration in the system. The correct filter for each application is determined by the total cooling system capacity and oil drain interval. Refer to Procedure 018-018 (Coolant System Specifications) in Section V for coolant capacity or Procedure 102-002 (Maintenance Schedule) in Section 2 for oil drain interval.

Last Modified:  13-May-2005