M11 Industrial Operation and Maintenance – 018-002   Fuel Recommendations and Specifications

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Fuel Recommendations

Fuel Recommendations



Do not bleed the fuel system of a hot engine; this can result in fuel spilling onto a hot exhaust manifold, which can cause a fire.

Due to the precise tolerances of diesel injection systems, it is extremely important that the fuel be kept clean and free of dirt or water. Dirt or water in the system can cause severe damage to both the fuel pump and the fuel injectors.

Do not use diesel fuel blended with lubricating oil in engines equipped with an aftertreatment device. Service intervals for aftertreatment devices will be reduced.

Fuel Recommended Properties

Cummins Inc. recommends the use of fuels that meet the following specifications:

Property Recommended Specifications
Viscosity (ASTM D445) 1.3 to 4.1 centistokes [1.3 to 4.1 mm per second] at 40°C [104°F].
Cetane Number (ASTM D613) 40 Minimum above 0°C [32°F]. 45 Minimum below 0°C [32°F].
Sulfur Content (ASTMD129 or 1552) Not to exceed 0.05 mass percent for engines without aftertreatment devices. For engines with aftertreatment devices, sulfur content can not exceed 0.0015 (15 ppm) mass percent.
Active Sulfur (ASTM D130) Copper Strip Corrosion not to exceed Number 3 rating after three hours at 50°C [122°F].
Water and Sediment (ASTM D1796) Not to exceed 0.05 volume percent.
Carbon Residue (Rams bottom, ASTM D524 or Conradson, ASTM D189) Not to exceed 0.35 mass percent on 10 volume percent residuum.
Density (ASTM D287) 42 to 30° API gravity at 0.816 to 0.876 g/cc at 15°C [60°F].
Cloud Point (ASTM D97) 6°C [10°F] below lowest ambient temperature at which the fuel is expected to operate.
Ash (ASTM D482) Not to exceed 0.02 mass percent (0.05 mass percent with lubricating oil blending). Oil blending is prohibited on engines with aftertreatment devices.
Distillation (ASTM D86) The distillation curve must be smooth and continuous.
Acid Number (ASTM D664) Not to exceed 0.1 mg KOA per 100 ml.

1. For additonal information on fuel recommendations and specifications, refer to Fuel for Cummins Engines, Bulletin 3379001. See ordering information in the back of this manual.

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