M11 Industrial Operation and Maintenance – Engine Vibration Excessive

Symptom Tree  

Electronic fault codes are active

For instructions on how to read active fault codes, refer to Procedure 101-007 (Electronic Controlled Fuel System) in Section 1. If fault codes are active, contact a Cummins Authorized Repair Facility.


Engine is misfiring

Refer to the Engine Runs Rough or Misfires symptom tree.


Engine idle speed is set too low (electronically controlled fuel systems)

Verify the correct idle speed setting. Increase the idle speed with the idle increment switch or an electronic service tool. Refer to Procedure 101-007 (Electronic Controlled Fuel System) in Section 1.


Fan is loose, damaged, or not balanced

Check the fan. Refer to Procedure 008-040 (Fan, Cooling) in Section 3.


Belt-driven accessories are malfunctioning

Check the fan hub, alternator, refrigerant compressor, and hydraulic pump for interference. Isolate belt-driven accessories and check for vibration. Refer to a Cummins Authorized Repair Location.


Engine mounts are worn, damaged, or not correct

Check the engine mounts. Refer to the OEM service manual.


Vibration damper is damaged

Inspect the vibration damper. Refer to Procedure 001-052 (Vibration Damper, Viscous) in Section 7.

Contact a Cummins Authorized Repair Facility

Last Modified:  19-Nov-2004