M11 Series – Service Manual – Engine Noise Excessive — Turbocharger

Symptom Tree  t052

This is symptom tree t052
Cause Correction

Refer to Engine Noise Diagnostic Procedures – General Information at the end of Section TS before using this symptom tree.

Turbocharger is not correct

Check the turbocharger part number and compare it to the Control Parts List (CPL), Bulletin 3379133 or 4021327. Replace the turbocharger if necessary. Refer to Procedure 010-033.


Air intake or exhaust piping is contacting the chassis or cab

Inspect the air piping, chassis, and cab for contact points. Refer to the OEM service manual.


Air intake or exhaust leaks

Inspect the air intake and exhaust systems for air leaks. Refer to Procedure 010-024.


Air intake system restriction is above specification

Check the air intake system for restriction. Clean or replace the air filter and inlet piping as necessary. Refer to Procedure 010-031.


Exhaust system restriction

Check the exhaust system for any restrictions. Refer to Procedure 011-009.


Turbocharger is worn or damaged

Check the turbocharger for damage. Measure the turbine and compressor wheel clearances. Refer to Procedures 010-038, 010-039, and 010-047.

Last Modified:  30-Jan-2004