M11 Series – Service Manual – Lubricating Oil Contaminated

Symptom Tree  t103

This is symptom tree t103
Cause Correction

Identify lubricating oil contamination

Perform an oil analysis to determine the contaminants.


Bulk oil supply is contaminated

Check the bulk oil supply. Drain the oil and replace with noncontaminated oil. Replace the oil filters. Refer to Procedures 007-013 and 007-025.


Internal coolant leaks

Refer to the Coolant Loss – Internal symptom tree.


Lubricating oil level is below specification

Check the oil level. Verify the dipstick calibration and the oil pan capacity. Fill the system to the specified level. Refer to the Lubricating Oil Sludge in the Crankcase is Excessive symptom tree.


Fuel in the lubricating oil

Refer to the Fuel in the Lubricating Oil symptom tree.

Last Modified:  28-Mar-2005