Centinel System – Repair Manual – 014-001   Dynamometer Worksheet

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With EGR



With EGR

Repair Order No.:
ECM Code:

Code Specifications
Actual Reading
Intake Air Restriction (in H20)1, 2
Exhaust Restriction (in Hg)1, 2
Fuel Inlet Restriction (in Hg)1, 2
Fuel Drain Line Restriction (in Hg)1, 2
Engine Blowby (in H20)2
  1. Record at advertised horsepower rpm and full load
  2. Use the following procedure: Specifications – Engine Testing. Refer to Procedure 018-023 in Section V.

Engine Set up for Dyno with INSITE™ Electronic Service Tool? (Circle one) Yes / No
Oil Level (Circle one) Low / High / OK
Fuel Quality (Circle one) OK / Not OK
Road Speed Limit
Engine Speed
Horsepower or Torque
EGR Valve Position
Turbocharger Control Valve Command
Fuel Rate (lb/hr)1
Rail Fuel Pressure (psi)
Fuel Temperature
Intake Manifold Air Temperature
Intake Manifold Pressure (in Hg)
Coolant Temperature
Coolant Pressure (psi)
Engine Oil Pressure (psi)
  1. Be sure that the fuel rate is corrected for temperature, see table below.

Fuel Temperature
Correction for Flow Rate
Less than 7°C [45°F]
Flow meter is not accurate
7 to 13°C [45 to 55° F]
Subtract 2 percent from flow rate reading
13 to 20°C [55 to 68°F]
Subtract 1 percent from flow rate reading
20 to 29°C [68 to 85°F]
No Correction
29 to 42°C [85 to 108°F]
Add 1 percent to flow rate reading
42 to 56°C [108 to 132°F]
Add 2 percent to flow rate reading
56°C [132°F] above
Flowmeter not accurate

Pressure Conversions
1 in H20 = 0.074 in Hg = 0.036 psi
1 in Hg = 13.600 in H20 = 0.491 psi
1 psi = 2.036 in Hg = 27.680 in H20

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