Electronic Control System Signature, ISX and QSX15 Engines – FAULT CODE 492

Wastegate Actuator Number 2 Circuit


Fault Code: 492
PID: S088
SPN: 1189
FMI: 4/4
LAMP: Yellow

Less than (+) 6 VDC detected at the wastegate actuator number 2 circuit when activated indicates an excessive current draw from the electronic control module (ECM) or faulty ECM output circuit.

Engine will run derated.

Wastegate Actuator Number 2 Circuit

Circuit Description

The wastegate actuators are devices used by the ECM to control boost pressure.

Component Location

The wastegate controller is located on the air inlet horn. Actuator number 2 is the rearmost solenoid on the controller.

Shop Talk

  • Inspect the engine block to chassis ground wire to make sure it is securely fastened to a clean, dry surface.
  • Check the starter solenoid (+) terminal for a loose connector or accessory wiring with damaged insulation.
  • Low voltage can be caused by short circuit to ground, a short circuit to another wire in the harness, or a shorted solenoid coil.
  • Inspect the wastegate actuator number 2 circuit for external wires that can be spliced into powering another device. Remove any extra wires that are found in the circuit.

Refer to Troubleshooting Fault Code t05-492.

Last Modified:  26-Oct-2010