Electronic Control System Signature, ISX and QSX15 Engines – FAULT CODE 537

Autoshift High Gear Actuator (Shift Solenoid) Circuit


Fault Code: 537
PID: S043
SPN: 717
FMI: 11/11
LAMP: Yellow

Either low voltage detected on autoshift high gear actuator circuit when (+) 12 VDC are commanded or voltage detected when no voltage is commanded.

Top 2 shift solenoid will not function properly. Transmission will not shift properly.

Top 2 Shift Solenoid Circuit

Circuit Description

The autoshift high gear actuator is an ECM-driven solenoid that controls a Top 2 transmission.

Component Location

The autoshift high gear actuator is located on the topside of the transmission toward the back. Use the OEM diagram for the specific location.

Refer to Troubleshooting Fault Code t05-537.

Last Modified:  26-Oct-2010