ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – 003-009   Rocker Lever Assembly

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NOTE: This action applies only to engines built with cast-iron supports.

Install a piece of 1/4-inch key stock 457 mm [18 in] long on top of the four front rocker lever assembly supports. Use four M10 – 1.50 x 25 flange head capscrews to secure the bar stock to the supports.

The capscrews on the two end supports fasten to the engine brake mounting holes on one side of the bar stock. The capscrews on the two center supports fasten to the engine brake mounting holes on the opposite side of the bar stock.


Loosen, but do not remove, the eight rocker shaft capscrews. The capscrews hold the rocker lever assemblies together.

NOTE: Engines with cast-iron supports: Grasp the bar stock and lift the front rocker lever assembly from the engine. Do not lift the assemblies by grasping the rocker levers and shaft. The shaft and levers can lift out of the supports allowing the levers to slide off the shaft.

NOTE: Engines with aluminum supports: Grasp the assembly by the rocker levers and shaft and lift them from the engine. The shafts can not lift out of the supports.

Repeat the process to remove the rear rocker lever assembly.


Remove the crossheads.

NOTE: Be sure to note the crosshead location so they can be installed in the same location.

Last Modified:  23-Jan-2009