ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – 009-001   Accessory Drive

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Care must be used when installing the accessory drive gasket. If the gasket is twisted during the installation of the accessory drive, a leak path (1) will exist between the gasket and the oil passage port at point (2).

Use a small amount of grease or sealant to hold the gasket in place during installation. Use care not to block the oil passage.


The accessory drive shaft dowel pin must be at the 12 o’clock location when the accessory drive is installed. Make sure the camshaft gear timing mark “X” is visible through the inspection hole in the front of the gear cover.

Use a new gasket to install the accessory drive assembly.

The capscrew (1), located in the lower corner nearest the cylinder block, must be installed with a new copper sealing washer, Part Number 3882885, and thread sealant, Part Number 3823494, applied to the threads.

Install the six capscrews and tighten.

Torque Value:  47  n.m  [35 ft-lb]

Last Modified:  23-Jan-2009