ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – 009-016   Hydraulic Pump Drive

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Use clean 15W-40 oil to lubricate the outside diameter of the needle bearings.

Use clean 15W-40 oil to lubricate the needle bearing bores in the gear housing and the hydraulic pump drive adapter.


Use bearing installation tool, Part Number 3823776, included in bearing puller kit, Part Number 3823774, to install the needle bearings in the gear housing.

Tap the bearing gently until it comes in contact with the shoulder in the housing.

The bearing must be 0.25 to 0.76 mm [0.010 to 0.030 in] past the outside edge of the gear housing bore surface.


Install the needle bearing in the hydraulic pump drive adapter from the inside end (the end that will be closest to the hydraulic drive gear).

The bearing must be centered between the front and rear surfaces.


Use Lubriplate™ 105 or equivalent, to lubricate the needle bearing in the gear housing and the outside of the hydraulic driveshaft.

Install the shaft and gear assembly so the internal splines of the shaft are facing away from the gear housing and toward the rear of the engine.


Install a new o-ring on the hydraulic drive adapter. Lubricate the o-ring with clean 15W-40 oil.

Lubricate the hydraulic drive adapter needle bearing and bore with Lubriplate™ 105 or equivalent.


Install the hydraulic drive adapter over the shaft and gear assembly.

Start the three mounting capscrews by hand to align the hydraulic drive adapter with the gear housing.

Using a rubber hammer, tap around the outside diameter of the adapter to install the adapter.

NOTE: Use care not to damage the o-ring during installation.

Tighten the mounting capscrews.

Torque Value:  47  n.m  [35 ft-lb]


Measure the driveshaft’s end clearance.

Use dial indicator assembly, Part Number 3376050, with extension, Part Number ST-537-4, and a magnetic base, Part Number 3377399.

Hydraulic Pump Driveshaft’s End Clearance

mm in
0.076 MIN 0.003
0.635 MAX 0.025


Use a new gasket and install the hydraulic pump, if equipped, or the cover plate.

Install the two mounting capscrews and tighten.

Torque Value:

Grade 8.8/9.8 M10 capscrew  36  n.m  [27 ft-lb]
Torque Value:

Grade 10.9 M10 capscrew  51  n.m  [38 ft-lb]
Torque Value:

Grade 8.8/9.8 M12 capscrew  62  n.m  [46 ft-lb]
Torque Value:

Grade 10.9 M12 capscrew  88  n.m  [65 ft-lb]

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