ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – 011-025   EGR Connection Tubes



Automotive with CM875, CM870 and CM570

Loosen the EGR return tube mounting capscrews.

Remove the v-band clamp connecting the EGR cooler to the EGR connection tube.

Remove the capscrews and EGR connection tube.

Remove the EGR hose that connects the EGR mixer to the EGR connection tube.

Discard the gasket.

Discard the hose and hose clamps if damaged.


Automotive with CM876

Loosen the EGR return tube mounting capscrews from the EGR valve outlet port and all EGR return tube hoses.

In order to remove the lower capscrew from the EGR return tube and the EGR valve outlet port, it will be necessary to loosen the EGR cooler outlet v-band clamp and move it forward onto the metal bellows shield.

Remove and discard the gasket between the EGR cooler gas outlet and the EGR valve inlet.

Remove the EGR venturi tube mounting stud and the EGR venturi tube.

Discard the hoses and gasket.

After removal of the component, cover all open points with protective caps from the Air Handling Clean Care Kit or with heavy tape, if needed.

Last Modified:  29-Apr-2009