ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – 016-005   Flywheel

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Hold the flywheel to prevent rotation.

Install M10 – 1.50 x 40 puller capscrews (at points 1 and 2).

Remove capscrew (3) and install guide pin, Part Number 3376696.


NOTE: If a clutch is used in the equipment, the threads in the clutch pressure plate mounting capscrew holes can be metric or standard. Be sure to use the correct capscrews.

Determine the capscrew thread design and size, and install two “t-handles” in the flywheel (at points 4 and 5).

Remove the remaining seven flywheel mounting capscrews.



This component or assembly weighs greater than 23 kg [50 lb]. To prevent serious personal injury, be sure to have assistance or use appropriate lifting equipment to lift this component or assembly.

Tighten capscrews (1 and 2) in alternating sequence to loosen the flywheel.

Remove the flywheel from the guide pin.

Last Modified:  07-May-2009