ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – Fuel in the Lubricating Oil

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Symptom Tree  t092

This is symptom tree t092
Cause Correction

Bulk oil supply is contaminated

Check the bulk oil supply. Drain the oil and replace with non-contaminated oil. Replace the oil filters. Refer to Procedure
007-025 (Lubricating Oil Pan) in Section 7.


Engine idle time is excessive

Low oil and coolant temperatures can be caused by long idle time (greater than 10 minutes). Shut off the engine rather than idle for long periods. If idle time is necessary, raise the idle speedProcedure
007-025 (Lubricating Oil Pan) in Section 7.


Top injector o-ring or injector timing plunger is damaged

Perform the fluorescent dye tracer test to find the damaged injector. Replace the injector or o-ring. Refer to Procedure
006-026 (Injector) in Section 6.


Injector adapter wall is damaged behind the balance orifice

Check the injectors for damage. Refer to Procedure
006-026 (Injector) in Section 6.


Injector cup is damaged or is not correct

Check the injector cups for damage and for correct part numbers. Refer to Procedure
006-026 (Injector) in Section 6.


Fuel pump gear pump main shaft seals are leaking

Check the gear pump main shaft and seals. Remove the fuel pump and inspect the rear of the pump near the coupling for fuel. Refer to Procedure
005-016 (Fuel Pump) in Section 5 for fuel pump removal.


Cylinder head is cracked or porous

Remove the intake and the exhaust manifolds. Check for evidence of coolant leaks. If necessary, operate the engine at low idle. Pressure-test the cylinder head. Refer to Procedure
002-004 (Cylinder Head) in Section 2.

Last Modified:  24-Sep-2008